ActiveX Prompt Control

North Point Technology’s ActiveX Prompt Control allows software developers to display highly customizable text messages in any fully compliant ActiveX container.  This control is particularly useful for clients who need to present complex process status information to SCADA/HMI system users, complete with contextually relevant data points.

The messages can be formatted for readability and can contain embedded live process data displays. The color of the text and the control can also be manipulated by linked process data, facilitating use of the control to annunciate alarms or highlight important states or system messages.  Live data within such messages gives the operator a rapid and complete understanding of the situation.

Combination of the control with operator response buttons or entry fields allows control systems to query operators in plain language for decisions and entries without using more cumbersome traditional methods.

The AX control has been confirm on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems, and has been incorporated into Wonderware Intouch, Wonderware System Platform (Archestra), Citect, GE iFix and Proficy, RSView32 and Factorytalk View, Indusoft and more- it runs inside any compliant ActiveX container.

The ActiveX Prompt Control is currently priced at $275 USD per PC, $285 if purchased by credit card.  Prepayment is required before the control can be activated.  Volume discounts are available starting at 5 licenses.

A zip file of the installation file can be downloaded here.  Unzip the downloaded file and run the setup executable.  Remember, you must have a license from North Point for the control to work, even if you install it.  However, if you DO intend to use it, be sure to get it installed, even if it is not activated, before you start your development.