Looking to offload those pesky tasks of looking for and installing updates, checking for viruses, and wondering if your PC is running out of disk space or memory? With our latest offering, North Point will remotely monitor your control system computers to ensure they are always up to date and secure.

A member of the North Point team will login remotely to each PC at your site on a regular basis (weekly, monthly, or quarterly) to gather data, perform software updates, and generate a report of the findings.  Typical audit points include:

  • CPU Usage
  • Memory Usage
  • Disk Space
  • Antivirus check & update
  • Windows Updates
  • Windows Firewall Status

Each computer and site is different and therefore the installed software to be monitored will be different as well.  Some examples of software specific checks include:

  • Check for and install Java updates. Confirm the proper bit depth is installed (64-bit vs. 32-bit)
  • Check for and install Ignition Updates
  • Confirm remote login software is up to date
  • Create backup of the Ignition gateway
  • Create backup of the PLC program
  • Dump SQL database to a self-contained file.
  • Review HMI screens for any bad tag data

We also perform one-time tasks to help aid with disaster recovery should a catastrophic failure occur.  These files are stored on an external solid-state hard drive.  This includes:

  • Full (ghost) computer backup
  • Backup copies of all license files

Finally, we can set alerts via our remote login software to send automatic emails making us aware of a potential issue.  These alerts are customizable and can be modified on a site or even PC basis.  Specific customer requested alerts can also be incorporated in addition to our standard set.  Examples of typical alerts include:

  • Antivirus threat detected, antivirus software removed or disabled
  • Free disk space less than 20% (adjustable)
  • Memory usage above 90% (adjustable)
  • CPU Utilization above 90% (adjustable)
  • Software added
  • Software deleted