North Point sponsored Tigertronics Team 2053 has completed their robot design for the upcoming competitions, and per FIRST rules, the robot is not accessible until the competition next month.  Fortunately, the team built a near twin robot (as they always do) so they can continue driving and practicing and even testing mechanisms, so that when the competition robot is unwrapped, they are ready to make some last minute improvements in the competition pit area.  '

Designing, building and testing this robot is a huge undertaking- kids and mentors put in a lot of hours to get it done.  It is truly impressive, and if you want a quick look at how impressive, see if there is a competition near you.  The entry is free, the events are a lot of fun for everyone.  You can walk the pit area and be truly stunned by what these teams of kids from around the country and around the world can do, and watch the exciting competition rounds concert-style, with a lot of entertainment thrown in.  Especially if you have kids, GO to a competition.  At minimum they will be entertained, and just maybe they will see something awesome they want to participate in.

Here is a list of regional competitions...check it out!  And remember FIRST is not just for the high school below for the FIRST website and more information.