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As we've highlighted before, North Point Technology, LLC is a Premier Integrator for Inductive Automation Ignition products.  We can't say enough about Ignition- it is a powerful, game changing SCADA system, and much more.  The pricing model for Ignition makes it fantastic alternative to the other platforms.  But to date, it has been hard to compete with panel-level software- without naming names, the simple, hardware-based OIT systems common on the factory floor. 

That changed with the release of EDGE.  EDGE is a stripped-down (but still incredibly powerful) version of Ignition that is priced and designed to compete favorably against those OIT systems. Plus, they can be expanded in the future to add more of the features available to full Ignition.  Finally, we can cost effectively apply this great platform from a single-screen machine display panel to a full blown multi-facility SCADA.  

Another version of EDGE is targeted to run in MQTT type systems as edge data collectors.

Call us for more information about Ignition and Ignition EDGE.  You can also check out the release webinar for EDGE here